Cavani reveals first talks with Gattuso

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Valencia’s Uruguay striker Edinson Cavani revealed how he felt during his first talk with Italian at bats coach Gennaro Gattuso.

Valencia striker Edinson Cavani, 35, has revealed how his first-ever conversation with bats coach Gennaro Gattuso was. After the Uruguay national ufabet team striker agreed to move to football in the local Mestalla without a fee. According to a report from Marca on Saturday, 

Cavani signed a two-year contract with Valencia last summer following the expiration of his Manchester United contract, but the 35-year-old striker is in the process of regaining fitness. As he has no pre-season and will not travel to the Uruguay national team, he aims to recover near 100 per cent during the international program break.

‘The first day I arrived at the training ground. We meet with him to talk. When I sat in front of him and started looking at him. I started to smile because I couldn’t stop myself. how can i say Since many encounters with him know his behavior his passion for football His way of life on the football field Seeing him on TV as a trainer, coach of Napoli, how does he live off the pitch with football? fight with everyone’

‘And when it came time to speak to him and sit down. when I faced him and we started talking And he smiled too. He spoke for about 10 seconds and he said to me. ‘What are you laughing at? And then I said the boss was the reason I laughed. because of this and that And he said to me ‘no problem’ and then we talked a little bit about that. And then a little bit about the whole idea of ​​the club, the team, about him as a trainer and so on,’ said the 35-year-old forward.