Dias aims to play the boat to be champion in the showcase

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Manchester City defender Ruben Dias has set his sights on under the Blues uniforms as he wants to win all titles. Currently, the collection only includes the English Premier League and the Carabao Cup ufabet.

Dias The 25 -year – old, since joining City in the summer of 2020 , has emerged as a cornerstone to the 2021-22 captain’s armband, with two league titles , one League Cup trophy .  

However, the Portuguese defender is still eager to win more in every competition, whether it ‘s the FA Cup or the coveted Champions League .  

“ My focus is day – to – day , date – to – date , it’s a lifestyle principle. It’s my own way of doing it, I believe it, and it leads to the desired success. ” Opening the mouth through ‘ Deerio Records ‘

“ Personally, I have goals and wishlist champions. It’s a huge scale if you think about it for the whole team or for the individual. ” 

 It focuses on the collective work first. Because if that way is better, the personal form is good as well. I want it to be like that But it has to control the ambitions well. ”

 I have wontheLigaPremiere before going to England. Of course, from now on, I want to wintheChampions League , the FACup … which all desires are based on doing the best every day . 

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