Richarlison mocks Taffy for day-to-day play without ambitions

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Tottenham Hotspur striker Richarlison has criticized former Everton club for the lack of ambition in the management’s vision. Play again as a nation without a championship. Pity, but head coach Frank Lampard is ignorant.

Richarlison was once known as the ‘ love child of the Evertonians ‘ but after being sold to Spurs for £60million, the relationship has not faded to the point of frustration .  

But according to recent interviews with the Brazilian, the stubborn striker is making enemies on Merseyside. because originally the red side was staring at the capital  

“ It’s hard to say when you have a strong connection with the ufabet club. That’s the case with me. ” Opening your mouth through ‘ FourFourTwo ‘ .

“ I used to be happy playing for Everton, impressed with everything I learned there. They are a big club with rich history. ” 

“ At present, perhaps the club is in pain from playing without ambitions. ” 

“ It means the determination to win the game. I’d like to have some trophies with him – I’ve been there for four years , so you can see it’s far from a great achievement. ”  

“ Personally, I think it’s time to move beyond what it is. In addition, the club received a large sum of money. Benefit from all parties involved. ” 

” At this point I’m delighted with the new challenge at Spurs. ” 

The 25 -year -old star has played 7 games for the new team to score 2 goals , two assists, the highlight is the two dream stage of the Champions League game against Marseille, playing tears .